Heavy Anchors is reflective of our surroundings, the rugged coast of Maine. We weren't interested in creating pieces that should be stored away carefully while you're canoeing marshes, hiking during the Fall or ripping into a tail of lobster. (Although, really, you might want to set it aside when the lobster juice starts dripping down your arm.)

These are handmade pieces. They are not flawless. There are certainly imperfections. Each piece is certainly one of kind and unique. We acknowledge that. In fact, we hope you relish this since these traits are probably very relatable to your own personality.

Everything we do is done in house. We are a husband and wife team. There's only two of us creating these pieces. Our two little boys sometimes give us the best ideas; imagine a sea monster fighting pirate alligators cuff. There's also our dog Bailey that has become a great studio pup and a great excuse to get outside.

If you have any questions/comments or reviews(only good ones) please feel free to contact us.

If you are in the Portland, Maine area shop at Fore River Gallery and see the pieces first hand and save yourself the shipping costs.